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At EnvyroTech, we focus on taking a comprehensive approach to improving building performance while decreasing environmental impact.  We firmly believe that improving a building's performance to decrease energy consumption is only the beginning. We as a society need to change our behaviors overall to ensure a future for generations to come. Our goal is to ultimately educate our customers, not simply to make energy saving improvements to there building. Our job doesn't end there; we want to show people what else they can do to change the way that they impact their environment as a whole. Saving money is great, and home performance achieves that.  It doesn't stop with that though and there is much more to it overall.  We want our customers to understand just what that is.

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What we correct and what we build

Over the years, we have seen that the standards and practices of many contractors in our industry are far from acceptable. There poor building practices tend to do more harm than good and are known to create a number of issues that can affect both the comfort level of a building as well as the health and safety of it’s occupants. By taking a whole house approach to building we find and eliminate the source of the problems causing discomfort, poor indoor air quality, and excessive energy use. We take the necessary steps to create a more safe, comfortable, sustainable, and energy efficient environment for both our residential and commercial customers.

Home Building and Custom Home Performance Retrofits

Whether it’s an addition, full rehab, or custom home, Envyrotech takes a comprehensive approach to creating sustainability and energy efficiency in projects of any level.  Envyrotech employs the latest technologies in their approach to building.  They also work with HUD and FHA to institute energy efficiency with the 203K rehab loan program.  By incorporating these practices into the buyers’ newly rehabbed home, instant equity is created  by increasing property value and longevity of the home.


Commercial Construction

 If your business uses a high rate of electricity and/or other energy sources, Envyrotech can help you reduce your  monthly energy costs.  We have experience in renovating restaurants, office spaces, and entertainment facilities to perform at optimal level.  Since commercial spaces use such a high level of energy, allowing Envyrotech to improve your overall energy efficiency will reduce utility costs and environmental impact.

Energy Audits, Mold Inspections, and Remediation

At Envyrotech we understand that each home or business has its own fingerprint and needs to have its own personal solutions.  What may work for your neighbor, friend, family member, or coworker, may not work for you.  When we perform energy audits we not only use state of the art equipment, but we evaluate each home with that understanding.  We are also certified to inspect, detect, and mitigate all of your mold concerns.  Which enables us to pay close attention to all factors of your living environment that matter the most.  The safety of you and your family, are our main concern.    

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